Testogen reviews: how to increase testosterone levels

When we review any testosterone boosters, the ingredients are something that should be seen for the first time. You should consider some aspects such as the ingredients must be clinically proven by many scientific types of research that prove the effectiveness of the formula in boosting testosterone level. They must occur at the proper dosage level to be both effective and safe. They also must be non-toxic and natural. Do not buy any natural testosterone booster before you read this Testogen reviews: how to increase testosterone levels that will discuss about Testogen ingredients, Testogen dosage and Where to buy natural testosterone booster Testogen online.

The ingredients of pills to increase low testosterone Testogen

Based on those aspects, here is the detail ingredients of Testogen:

D-Aspartic Acid (2352 mg)

This dosage is a very powerful level of D-aspartic acid. DAA is surely the most effective ingredient that must exist in a testosterone booster. This high level of DAA in Testogen is in bigger amount than other muscle building product. For your information, DAA is needed for muscle growth and can help the body to use testosterone better.

In a study, the experiment is done to 23 men following the infertility program. The 3.2g dosage of D-aspartic is given to them each day for 12 day with the blood sample is collected before and after every treatment. The result is the significant increase of testosterone in 20 men from 23 men, this level did not decrease until approximately 3 day after the end of treatment.

In another study, a pill that contains 1.6g of D-Aspartic Acid and 0.4g of L-Aspartic Acid is given to men who have the age between 25 and 40. The participant take the pills every day for 20 day after lunch. 8 men from 10 men get the significant increase in testosterone level.

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Magnesium (200mg)

This substance has the unique function that helps to decrease the quantity of Sex Hormone Binding Globulin in the body. SHBG bind to and use more than 60% of testosterone created by the body. So, the less SHBG we have, the more testosterone is available to be used for muscle growth. So, although Magnesium does not increase the creation of testosterone directly in the body, it will help the body to use more testosterone you already have.

Nettle leaf extract (40 mg)

Nettle leaf extract actually does the similar function as Magnesium. It contains a substance known as Lignans which can bind to SHBG to increase testosterone. This extract prepare more testosterone to be used by the body.

Red Ginseng (40 mg)

This ingredient is proven to increase the testosterone level. In a study on 66 young men, there is the evidence of the strong relationship between Panax ginseng consumption and increased free testosterone level.

Fenugreek (40 mg)

Fenugreek surely can help in raising testosterone level. Besides, it seems to be more important in helping maintain testosterone level. So, it will work better if combined with the ingredient that can raise testosterone level such as D-aspartic acid. Fenugreek then will work to help the body keep this higher testosterone level.

In one study of 60 healthy male which has an age between 25 and 52 take 600mg of Fenugreek extract over the 6 weeks period. At the end of the experiment period, all the participant have the testosterone level in the upper of the healthy limit. So, it is concluded by the researchers that Fenugreek can help to keep a healthy testosterone level. Fenugreek is particularly powerful to help improve lean muscle mass and help with weight loss.

Zinc (10 mg)

The second important ingredient of testosterone booster beside DAA is Zinc. This substance is clinically proven to boost testosterone level. 32 males are given 30mg of zinc every day for 4 weeks. The serum testosterone level of this group is significantly higher at the end of 4 weeks than the group who does not take the Zinc supplement.

Vitamin B6 (20 mg)

Actually, there is no strong proof that Vitamin B can increase the production of testosterone. However, there is proof that lack of Vitamin B can lower testosterone level. So, basically, if someone has a Vitamin B deficiency this treatment will help. If someone has the adequate Vitamin B, then this treatment will not do anything. There is no harm in taking 20mg of Vitamin B. So, you can feel completely fine about that.

Vitamin D3 (50 mcg)

Vitamin D is the powerful ingredient along with Zinc, D-aspartic acid and Magnesium. A study is performed on 200 men that is given 3332 IU of Vitamin D daily for 1 year. 163 of those men finished the study and there is a significant increase in free testosterone level. Several studies show that Vitamin D actually important in muscle growth by preserving testosterone in the body and preventing the change of some testosterone into estrogen, which is the normal process. So, Vitamin D will help the body to keep testosterone rather than directly produce it.

This is the reason why Vitamin D3 works very good with other ingredients such as DAA or Zinc which help the body to create more testosterone. Vitamin D then help the body keep that produced testosterone. 50 mcg is the recommended daily dosage. Vitamin D is one of the most usual vitamin deficiency in men which often cause the decrease of low testosterone level.

Vitamin K1 (20 mcg)

This is the new ingredient in Testogen. Many studies show that Vitamin K will help the body in absorbing Vitamin D at the higher rate. So, it is important to include Vitamin K to maximize the impacts of Vitamin D.

Boron (20 mg)

Boron is a potent test booster and I am glad to see this has been included in the new formula. In one study testosterone levels rose by 28% among a group of men who took 10 mg of Boron per day for a whole week.

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Bioperine (5 mg)

The active ingredient in Bioperine is Piperine or black pepper extract. This ingredient helps the body absorb all the other ingredients more successfully. It boosts the bioavailability of other ingredients contained in Testogen and greatly increases the effectiveness of the formula.

These Testogen ingredients are backed up by scientific studies and they occur in safe and effective dosages. They have hit the market with the new formula and taken their place as one of the top products currently on the market.

How to increase testosterone levels with Testogen

Essentially you take four tablets a day as often as you want. I highly recommend cycling any testosterone booster with three weeks on, one week off. Then take a whole month off every six months or so. This is so your body does not get used to it and you do not get diminishing returns over time.

All the ingredients are natural and safe, the only danger here is the high levels of Zinc, this can cause headaches and nausea. If you notice either of these symptoms, then please stop taking this supplement immediately. Better yet, get your doctor recommendations on how much zinc you should be taking before taking this supplement. I could not find any reports of Testogen side effects online so I think you are probably pretty safe.

Where to buy natural testosterone booster Testogen online

Testogen ingredients are fantastic, especially at the fitness and muscle building markets. This pill actually has higher levels of D-aspartic acid than the other product, so it will work great to help you in your workouts. So if you are looking to increase strength, bulk up, burn fat, increase recovery time between workouts and boost energy at the gym then this is a great choice.

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